Giant Bubbles

Experiment with bubbles and see how big you can make them. Try to create the biggest bubbles you can imagine. This is a perfect activity for a warm summer day, where you get to play with water and build your own frames to create the bubbles.

  • Age: This can be a success for all ages as long as you bring your inner child. The youngest (6-8 year old) will need help creating the big bubbles.
  • Time: About an hour, but can work for longer in warm weather.


Photo Trail

Get to know Gurredam better with this Photo Trail. The activity contains pictures for 3 levels of difficulties, so it can be used for all ages. Start out with the most difficult level and then go down to an easier level if you can’t solve it. The pictures contain hints for where to go at Gurredam to find the letters you need to get the solution.
This is a great activity to get around and experience Gurredam.

  • Age: Especially good for the younger scouts (6-12). It’s recommended to do it as a timed race for the older scouts in smaller groups and use the most difficult level.
  • Time: Depends a lot on how fast the scouts move. Approx. 30-60 min.


Flagpole Game

This activity will let you re-experience quoits, which has been re-invented as Flagpole Game. The game is based on flagpoles and hula hoops. Make it a competition and count points depending on which pole you hit. The level of difficulty can be adjusted by changing the distance to the poles or throwing with the other hand.

  • Age: All ages – especially good for 8-12 years old.
  • Time: Practice round + a game for a patrol takes about 45 min.



Try out the old Japanese tradition of paper folding. The activity contains models for different figures and sculptures, but you can also invent your own. It is a challenging activity for all ages. You can end the activity with a paper airplane competition or frog race.

  • Age: 8-16 years.
  • Time: 1.5 hours


Fly Swatter Soccer

Play soccer in a new and fun way. The ball is smaller than usual and you can only hit the ball with a fly swatter instead of your feet. You can either do a single game in about 10 min or make a tournament with multiple teams and finals. The game can be adjusted to all age groups by varying the size of the field, time of playing, playing two-and-two together etc.

  • Age: All ages. Especially recommended for the older scouts.
  • Time: 30-120 min


Foam Volcano

Here you will be building a volcano from regular kitchen materials. With this activity, you will get the chance of building your own volcano, which will erupt with pink foam lava in the end.

  • Age: 8-16 years old.
  • Time: It is suggested that you use time creating and building your volcano and in the end you will start the eruption. This is estimated for 60-90 min. It can also be done faster if you don’t use as much time for building the volcano.


Nature Compass

Build your own compass by using simple materials and magnetism. This is a good possibility to learn more about the compass, the poles and how you use it.

  • Age: From the age where the scouts have learned to use a compass and a few years after that.
  • Time: 10-60 min. The activity includes many suggestions for how you can play with the compass and use it together with the scouts. The time varies depending on how you decide to use the compass.


Build a Bridge (senior activity)

This is a team building exercise for the oldest scouts. Test the group’s ability to cooperate and structure a project, as well as being realistic under time pressure. The activity ends by an evaluation of how the group worked together, so they can learn from their project work. They will plan and build a bridge of paper by predefined requirements under time pressure.

  • Age: 16 and up.
  • Time: 1.5-2 hours


Giant Maze

This is a great team work exercise for all ages. You are all holding on to the giant maze and need to work together to get the ball safely through the maze without it falling out.

  • Age: All ages (one end of the maze can rest on one of the big stones near the big cabin when younger scouts use it, to help with the weight).
  • Time: 10-30 min.


Nature Memory

Here you will be tested on your nature knowledge. This is a big version of the traditional memory game, where pictures of different nature elements are used. Use your memory to match the most pairs and use your nature knowledge to identify the correct matching pictures.

  • Age: 6-12 years.
  • Time: 15-30 min.

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