Tie Dye

Tie Dye is an ancient color technique where children and adults can make their own patterns and design their own t-shirts.
It is a super enjoyable activity for all ages, where we make some nice T-shirts (or whatever you can think of - just keep in mind that the fabric should be white cotton).
The activity is good for all ages, as it can be done in a simple version for the smaller, yet challenging for even the big.
Everyone brings home a beautiful and exciting results to show off.

  • All age groups
  • Unlimited number of participants (materials for approx. 25 people)


First aid

The first aid activity at Gurredam is for scouts from 8 years old and up, and is adapted to the different age groups. Trained first aid instructors will teach the scouts about relevant first aid like burns, bandages, fractures and shock prevention. The activity is a blend of theory, practical exercises, games (8-12 years), and testing the new knowledge in realistic scenarios (10 year and up). A great experience - especially for the older scouts.

  • Age range: From 8 years
  • Max 12 people


Gourmet food on your camping stove

In this activity we use the Trangia stove to cook in new and exciting ways. You will learn that it can be used for much more than just spaghetti and meatballs. You will bake pizza and chocolate cake in sand. You can either bring your own Trangia or you can borrow one from us.

  • Age range: From 11 years, it is a prerequisite that the scouts know the basics of how to use a Trangia.
  • Max 12 people



Everything does not have to be as old as map and compasses.
If you would like to try to find your way around in a new and smarter way, then the GPS activity is the answer.
GPS is a satellite navigation system developed and administered by the Department of Defense. Using GPS we can determine our location and speed on land, at sea and in the air all day and in all weather, anywhere in the world.
There are 3 fixed race:
For the youngest scouts it's a race around Gurredam so the kids are on safe grounds and the help is never far away.
For the older one we head into the woods, where the difficulty level is slightly higher.
Should the Scouts take a trip to Elsinore you can combine it with our GPS race in the city, which leads right past some of the famous attractions.

  • All age groups
  • Max 20 people


Morning hike

Get a unique nature experience where you see the forest wake up and hear the birds get up one by one.
We will head out into the woods, while it is still dark and quiet and return 1½ hours later, when the sun is shining and the birds are singing.
During the trip you will hear stories and we will try to learn some of the bird voices.

  • All age groups
  • Unlimited number of participants



At Gurredam we have some planned hikes that will lead you through the beautiful Northen Zealand either on short or long trips.
It is also possible to borrow maps, so you can plan your own hike.
We have created an overlay for Google Earth, where you can see the routes, places to sleep, attractions and more for your inspiration.

  • All age groups
  • Unlimited number of participants


Climbing Wall

The climbing wall at Gurredam challenges both the old and the young with over 7 feet in height and varied levels of difficulty.
The climbing wall consists of 3 walls with different types of challenges. In addition, there are various games and activities on the wall that allow fun and challenging experiences for all ages.
All staff members who run this activity have been approved by instructors from the Danish Climbing Federation.

  • All age groups
  • Max 12-15 people



At the lake there is also another option for activity, which is to study the life in the lake.
Which animals are there? Are there fish in the lake? Or how about a nymph? You will discover what is going on in the lake.

  • Age: 6 years
  • Max 20 participants



Put it up yourself:
We will give you the clippers and screens to hang up and the maps of Nyrup Hegn or Teglstrup Hegn.

We put it up for you:
If you are not sure how to get the best out of the woods or if you would rather spend time with your scouts, you can choose to use one of our orienteering races.
We have a lot of predefined races ready for use in all levels of difficulty and some with a twist, which you haven't tried before.
We adjust the race for your level and desires.

  • Age range: From 8 years (requires knowledge of map and compass)
  • Unlimited number of participants


Granny's kitchen

In granny's kitchen you can grind flour and make cheese. You can bake and roast in the old stone oven and you can make delicious food over an open fire.
If you have the urge to cook the old fashioned way, we have the recipes and instructors.
We offer an everyday menu for all ages of 2½ hours duration and a festive menu of 3½ -4 hours for the age of 12+. Let us know if you have any special requests.

  • Age range: From 8 years
  • Max 10 participants



Here you can challenge yourselves with wooden spars and ropes, and try out something that may exceed what you have had the courage to do before.
You can also get help and advice to build the perfect kitchen table to your camp.
In addition, you learn general things about working with wooden spars and ropes. Have a chat with our instructor about what you would like and what prior knowledge you have.

  • Age group: From 8 years
  • Max 12 participants


Forest trail

Gurredam is very close to the forest, so it is natural to explore it. Staff members will take your scouts on a trip full of adventures and surprises.

  • All age groups. The activity takes place without your adult leaders.
  • Unlimited number


Skæftning (make your own knife)

This is a chance for your scouts to make their own knife, a forged meat fork or other things for your camp. The scouts will learn about working with fresh wood, using an ax and saw for other things than making firewood and learn some different cutting methods. Since it can take time to shape the knife handle, the scouts might have to complete it back in the camp after the activity, for instance by the fire in the evening.
The activity can be combined with the forging activity or stand alone as a single activity.
For the knives there are used factory-made blades.
Knife blades should be acquired before the activity start and must be with a narrow rear section.
Here a few suggestions for where to find blades:
An extra tip: Knife blades with a thick back is better for chopping.

  • Age: 10 years
  • Max 12 people



Would you like to swing the hammer and shape the iron, then try the old smithy. Here you can try to forge like the village blacksmith did 100 years ago.
In our forge, we heat up the iron to approx. 1200 degrees Celsius and form it into magnificent objects, such as cape needles, fire hooks and knives. It doesn't matter if you don't know the techniques, everything is under safe guidance of a 'master blacksmith' and his men.

  • Age: 10 years
  • Max 12 people


Zip line

The zip line at Gurredam will give you a rush and air under your wings.
Hover from the 7½ meter high tower and all the way down to the lake. Ideal for large events, as many can try the activity over a short period of time.
The scouts are safely belted to the seat and the staff is trained in the safety of the activity.
For security reasons, the zip line is not open in the rain or if the grass is wet. Only scouts below 65 kg are allowed to try.

Soapbox car

Build your own car and race against the rest of the group at our own track "Gurreringen". Inspired by technic-LEGO you build cars of parts, which are easy to put together. That way you can design and build your car in 1-1½ hours, so you have time to run a lot of laps before the car is disassembled again.

  • Age: 10 years
  • Max 12 people


The Lake

Our small lake in the corner of the scout center, is the perfect location to learn how to sail. It may be on a pot-racer or a raft, that you made yourself.
The scouts are allowed to use their imagination to build something to sail on, and it is also a great chance to get the weekly bath.
It is not rare that there is a man overboard. Leaders are also welcome to take a dip, of course while wearing a life jacket.

  • Age range: From 8 years
  • Max 15 people


Pewter casting

You choose what you want to cast: jewelry, figures or something else. The sky is the limit. After a little polish you have your own character to take home with you.

  • Age: 10 years
  • Max 12 people



Have your nails started to turn black after 3 days of camp? Then this activity is just the right thing. Here you can work with the natural material wool and make it into all kinds of products. Younger scouts can for instance make frogs, balls, scarf rings and tags to the uniform. The older scouts have the opportunity of making hats, soles for shoes and bags.

  • All age groups
  • Max 15 people



Do you need of a few hours of pampering or do you have smelly feet that requires a fresh breath of lemon, then the wellness activity is just for you.
We make homemade shampoo, herbal teas, face masks, foot bath and for the older scouts it is possible to build a sauna.

  • Age range: From 8 years
  • Max 12 people


Box activities

Gurredam offers a variety of activities where you will receive materials and instructions, and then run the activity yourself with the scouts.
Some of the activities we offer are foam volcano, giant soap bubbles, photo-race, flagpole games, origami and much more.
We have a lot of games in extra big sizes which gives a great opportunity for arranging a theme around this.
Box activities are for everyone - age and number varies for each activity. (Read more)

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