Who are we ?

Pioneers are the scouts who spend a lot of their time getting Gurredam to function. We are organizing the summer camp and the many other annual events. When there are no events, we are developing new activities, maintaining the center or exploring new areas of our own scouting world.

We are approx. 50 pioneers totally aged 16 to 50 years. Many have local connections to Elsinore area, but in general we come from the entire country. Being a pioneer is an unpaid work which we do in our spare time and holidays.

I want to be a pioneer ?

You are very welcome to join in on a Gurre weekend, which is always located on the second entire weekend of the month.
Simply sign up to the office no later than the Tuesday before during office hours (6 pm - 8 pm) or by mail no later than the Tuesday before at 6 pm
For information check out the contact information in the menu.

On Gurre weekends you can talk with other pioneers, find out what it means to be a pioneer, and what you can contribute with.


The only requirements you must meet in order to be a pioneer is that you must be over 16 years old and a member of a scout division.
In addition, you have to take time to spend on challenges and interaction with other scouts.

What does it cost ?

The only thing you have to pay is your own transportation and what you eat.
Prices for the meals you eat on Gurredam is breakfast 10 DKK, lunch 20 DKK and dinner 30 DKK, but max. 75 DKK for the whole weekend.

Scout & Guide Centre Gurredam | Gurrevej 322 | DK-3000 Elsinore | Tel.: +45 49 29 91 02 (Tuesdays 6 pm - 8 pm)